Monday, February 13, 2006

From Jean, with Love

So; I am spending my Valentine's Day alone in Britain. I guess it could be worse, I could be with Scott. I do believe I will be at a bar tonight, to see if I cannot wrangle me up a date. If I do, I will tell you all the sordid details after the fact.

Wish me luck.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Brighter Than Sunshine

So. I have been gone quite sometime. I had to find myself. All of me. It was quite a task, but I do believe I pulled it off. Now I feel alot better about things. With Scott and Emma. With the school. And life in general. I have decided that if Emma is the one Scott wants, I am going to be happy for them. And not try and kill her every other day.

Also, I have decided to travel England and most of Europe. I do hope everyone is okay. I am sorry I didn't stop in to say goodbyes, but I needed to do this.

And since I've been tagged:

Four Jobs You've Had
Black Queen

Four Places You Have Lived
Weschester, New York
The bottom of a bay
The White Hot Room
The Sun

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch
Project Runway
Gilmore Girls
Best Week Ever
Grey's Anatomy

Four Place You've Been on Vacation
Muir Isle, Great Britian
The Shi'ar Galaxy
the Sun

Four (or so) Blogs You Visit Daily
Gaia, of the Universal Amalgamator
Selene, the Black Queen
Emma Frost, the White Queen
Charles Xavier, Professor X's Blog

Four of Your Favorite Foods

Four Places You'd Rather Be
The White Hot Room
The Sun

Four Albums You Can't Live Without
Emma's Killers CD
Scott's Mariah CD
Betsy's Coldplay CD
Ororo's Madonna CD

Four Vehicles You've Owned
I fly, not drive
Jean Grey
Madelyne Pryor

Four People to be Tagged
Emma Frost
(Everyone's done it. I'm so late.)