Friday, April 14, 2006

Hello Again

I'm back. At least I think I'm back. I feel back. And rejuvenated. Not at all like I could

eat an entire galaxy!

I did skip last nights party though. I felt that after all that had happened, people had seen enough of me. So I headed downstairs and into the Med Lab, and hovered of myself. Literally.

"Alright. Come on you." I said to myself, feeling entirely stupid. I placed a hand on my clone's head and a brilliant white light filled the room. After a few moments, I stood alone in a white and gold version of my Phoenix costume. "There. All my pieces." I said, still talking to myself. Now I am whole.

After this I left, heading up to Scott's room where I found an old shoebox of his. He began to go through it, and was saddened by what I found. This whole time. When I thought it was me, it was Warren. And now Warren is seemingly with Emma. And I am old. Alone. And done for. Not really, but I felt I need a dramatic statement there. I am actually fine with this revelation. Scott was too whiny for me anyhow. Where is the little prick anyways?

Oh well. After placing the box in Warren's room, I promptly headed to Cerebra to find my "husband." He was at the Hellfire Club. Which was recently turned into a glorified strip bar. He was seemingly enjoying the show, up until he sensed me. He immeadiately perked up and ran out in an atempt to resolve the situation. Too late. I left the chamber and headed outside, meeting him on the front lawn.

"Jean. You're alive. And not crazy." he said to me, reaching for my hands.

"Yes. But too bad I can't say the same for you."

"What? What do you mea-" he started, but I cut him off by erasing his memory. Now. I know that may seem irrational and evil and Dark Phoenix like, but I put it back together. Except this time, he would not remember anything about me.

"Who're you?" he asked me, a puzzled expression on his face. "My name is Jean Grey."

"Why hello Jean. Nice to meet you."

Monday, April 10, 2006

Clone Wars

Well, I'm back. It's me. The real Jean. The catatonic one is a Phoenix Force made clone, and when she was defeated, I rose. It's all very foggy, but the Cuckoos assure me that everything'll be okay. A lot of tension seems to be in the house. I can feel it pressing against my mind. It's enough to drive someone crazy. There also seems to be clones or alternate versions or stunt doubles. Some mess like that, running around the mansion. It is upsetting, to say the least. But I assume Charles will handle this. As for now, I've locked myself in my bedroom, attempting to center myself.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Over the Cuckoo's Nest

This is the Stepford Cuckoos. We regret to inform you that Miss Grey is indisposed at the moment. We found her in the Kitchen wailing about the voices in her head. We got Mr. Worthington and Mr. Summers to restrain her and she is in the Med Lab as we speak. She mentioned something about eating galaxies and other galactic activities such as suns and moons. You know, the usual.

We found her password to be simple enough, so we decided for those of you who didn't know, that you should. One name in particular that stuck out was Trunks. She apparently has plans to kills this person named after swim wear. Mr. Summers says last time this happened she escaped and killed an entire gala-

As we type this Miss Grey has escaped her restraints and fried Mr. Summers and Dr. McCoy.

Her mind is a mess.

And on fire.

Seering pain.

Oh, the Jedi's are going to feel this one.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Nothing more than usual.

I know. I know. Some of you are frightend. I can sense it. I promise to not eat our sun. I can't make any promises about any others though. Today was rather uneventful. We are all awating the news on this child that could possibly be Charles'.

I do not think it is. But it very well could be. He may be in a wheelchair. But that has never stopped him before. Don't act like you didn't know.

Anyways, Warren and I have taken up crimefighting once more. We missed the good ol' days when it was just five of us, and not every mutant who stepped through the Institute's door was adorned with X's and sent out in Charles' name.

We're not bitter. No.

All we need is Hank, Scott and Bobby to join us. Bobby will be easy. Especially since Warren is on the team. And I can draw in Scott. Hank though. Hank is a big question mark right now. Hopefully he will not give into this blasted cure.

But that's where we are right now. I hope all of your lives are a little more interesting.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Last Stand

So. Dr. Kavita Rao decided to unvail her little "cure" today. I could not let that happen. If this cure got into the wrong hands, we would all be in serious trouble. Silly Charles and his pitiful X-Men do not share this point of view though. Fools. They would be the first to go if this little serum mades it's way into the mainstream. Erick and I are doing them a favour.

That was until that tart, Gaia decided to cross me. Now I am going to have to kill her. Strongest X-Man indeed.

Friday, March 17, 2006

From the Ashes

Oops. Sorry. I died while having adventures in Britain. Well. It seems I was tagged, so here are my replies.

If you were to ghost write Deadpool's autobiography, what would you name it?
"Deadpool: The Untold Bea Arthur Story"

If Simon Cowell were to ask you to help takeover France with Deadpool and himself, would you accept?
While I wouldn't need Simon or Wade, I would do it.

On a scale of 50-100, with 50 being mind blowing and 100 being drooling the Nile river, how would you rate Bea Arthur?

If you were to appear on Deadpool's show, who would you play?
His therapist. Desperately trying to get into his pants. Yet never suceeding.

List 5 ways to improve tacos.
Uhm. I do not eat tacos.

Would you die for Deadpool?
Eh, why not? I'll come right back. I may kill some people and go all crazy. But I'll be back.

Do you find Cable's eyes dreamy?
I do not believe in incest. (Like those Maximoff Twins.)

Tag more 1 more person than the person who tagged you meaning if person A tags 4 people, you tag 5 and the people you tag, have to tag 6.
Jean-Paul, Charles, Cable, Wanda, Selene and Elisabeth. (I dunno. I've been dead.)

Monday, February 13, 2006

From Jean, with Love

So; I am spending my Valentine's Day alone in Britain. I guess it could be worse, I could be with Scott. I do believe I will be at a bar tonight, to see if I cannot wrangle me up a date. If I do, I will tell you all the sordid details after the fact.

Wish me luck.